May 13, 2019

Dear Eva, I’m missing you, as always. I’m thinking about you, as always. I’m wishing you were here, as always. Yesterday was hard, as always. I don’t think Mother’s Day will ever get much easier. It’s a hard day for me to process, I think especially because you are my only child. I feel caught … More May 13, 2019

May 1, 2019

Dear Eva, Hey Baby Girl! I miss you! I love you to heaven and back! Grief Journal Prompt #4 – The First Time We Met.The first time we met, your birth story! I think about that day often and I’m not sure why I’ve never written it down. You came into this world in a … More May 1, 2019

April 18, 2019

Dear Eva, Hey sweet girl. You are amazing and I will love you forever. Thank You for coming through to Theresa last weekend. Mama needed that from you more than I realized. It felt like the weight of the world lifted right off my shoulders and I’m working hard at ditching the guilt and finding … More April 18, 2019

April 8, 2019

Dear Eva, I miss you sweet girl! My days have been busy but that doesn’t mean that I ever stop thinking of you. You occupy my mind more than anything else. I love you to Heaven and back sweet Turkey Bird. Keep sending the sunshine, I know it ‘s you, and I always appreciate knowing … More April 8, 2019

April 1, 2019

Dear Eva, Hey sweet baby! I miss you bunches! I’ve been struggling with the blog lately. I pull out the laptop and get ready to write and just stare at the blank screen. I worry that I’m constantly repeating myself with the same grief stuff I always talk about. I worry that it’s “too much” … More April 1, 2019

Rare Disease Day

February 28, 2019. In Honor of Rare Disease Day I wanted to change up my regular blog format and focus on spreading more information about ITP instead of focusing only on our experience. Our experience with ITP is even more rare than the disease itself. Eva really was one in a million. This is not … More Rare Disease Day