March 10, 2020

Dear Eva,

Hey Baby!! I miss you so much! I haven’t felt like writing for so long but tonight I really feel like telling a story. It’s actually two stories, and might turn into 17 mini stories. So hang on for the ride. To start I have to go back to September 2018.

In September of 2018 Grandma Cindy, Great Grandma Alice, Aunty Jac and I headed to Saskatoon for a girls trip and to take some more donations to Ronald McDonald House. We stayed for two nights at the Comfort Inn and Suites. We spent two days together making memories and laughing. My favorite part of this entire trip was the first night when we went down to the swimming pool. There was the sweetest little girl in the pool who instantly came up to me. She wanted to play and swim together. Of course I was 100% all over that. When I asked her name she said to me, “I’m Terra-Belle and I’m a Rock Star!” (I really hope I’m remembering all the details correctly, even her name feels foggy.) She was the brightest little girl I have met in a long time. She loves Sharks and knew more than I could ever tell you about them. All she wanted to do was swim with me and tell me stories. I believe she was around 4 years old and her birthday was really similar to yours. I want to say October 13!! It was incredible. She was beautiful, smart, blonde haired, blue eyed, just like you.

Fast forward to this week. We had to meet Grandma and Great Grandma again in Saskatoon for a appointment. Aunty Jac and I headed up to Saskatoon Monday afternoon, stayed the night at the Comfort Inn and Suites again, and headed home today. Of Course we headed down to the pool last night. When we got there, another small family was there swimming already. A little girl and three adults were with with her. This girl was a little bit older, I didn’t ask how old. I went down the water slide and when I came up from under the water she was waiting for me. The VERY first thing she said to me today was, “Will you be my friend?” I was BLOWN away and of course I said yes. We played and laughed. She was glued to me, just like little Terra-Belle had been. It was beautiful. When I asked her her name, She said Birdie, and I know her mom was calling her Birdie as well. I’m unsure if it is a nick name or not, but the thing that shocked me was a couple days ago I sat on this very couch and said to your daddy, “If we have another baby girl, I LOVE the name Birdie!” I’ll take that as a friggen sign!!

I am a MAGNET for beautiful little girls these days and I know that is exactly what you want. Today I gave a book to another little girl at the mall and she totally sassed me, “I already have that book at home!” OH MY GOSH I totally thought of you, because we have that exact book at home as well!! It’s totally something you would have said and I loved every minute of it! I know her Mama was worried about it but it didn’t bother me one bit! It was so so cute, and SO YOU. You are perfect sweet heart, I’m so glad you’ve been showing yourself to me so clearly lately! This month is so hard for all of us, the memories, the painful upcoming days. You are easing that pain so perfectly this year. We love you for it, Turkey Bird!!

I’ve got so much more on my mind but I am exhausted! I’m going to sleep on it but may have more to toss down here in a day or two. It’s so much this time of year, and it all seems to come at once and it’s so much to process. I’m missing you more than friggen ever. I love you to heaven and back. Please stay with me over the next few days sweet cheeks. I need you extra lots!

Love and Kisses,

Your Mama!




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