June 17, 2018

Dear Eva,

The sun is shining and a calm has settled around here after a hectic, full, fun weekend. Yesterday was an amazing day. We celebrated Rayleen and Chad with lots of laughs, memories, stories and a few tears. Rayleen was a beautiful Bride, Chad a handsome Groom. Watching those two finally walk down the aisle made us all so happy. Mama walked down the aisle with little ring bearer Brit, holding the prettiest flowers and purple balloon for you. Little flower girl Hayden carried a Purple balloon for you too. We watched the I Do’s and sent the families off for their family pictures. While that was happening Mama amd the other bridesmaids gathered up a bunch more purple and pink balloons. Aunty Rayleen had the most beautiful tribute planned for you. We released the balloons in your memory and all of us had some tears. I’m sure it produced some beautiful pictures but man did it hurt. Nobody wanted to have to do that. Nobody. I can promise however that we all felt you in the warm sunshine on our backs. We went on to take some pictures and share some really special fun moments. So many laughs. It is always so great to have such good friends all together. We took some special pictures with a couple really special trees (and maybe a few more tears).

After the pictures were done we went back to the farm for the supper amd dancing! A lot of delicious food and a lot more fun. Your Uncle Chad and Aunty Rayleen Raised a bunch of money for RMHC-SK with their kissing game. Again more tears. After supper and a really cute boot game it was time for Mama to take the mike and give a toast and share my surprise with everybody! Mama made sure there were enough glowsticks for everybody in the building and we lit that place up for Aunty Ray and Uncle Chad and You. Again more tears – lots this time. Outside of a few special helpers, nobody had any idea what I had planned. It was beautiful and all of the kids loved it. I hope you loved it too baby. I know you would have if Heaven wasn’t so far away.

This weekend was so busy and so fun. I needed to step back and reflect a little bit on every thing today. I was really struggling this afternoon but I can already tell “talking to you” is really helping. It is a huge release to do this. I completely relax as I do this. Just as I would if I were reading you a story or holding your hand in the store. I will always love you my dear.

Love and Kisses,

Your Mama


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