Eva’s Acts of Kindness

Dear Eva,

I miss you, little one! We’ve had a pretty tough week, down here on earth without you. This week is one that Mama has been dreading for a while now. Your first “Angelversary” as some would say. A whole year in heaven. A whole year has passed since Daddy and I had to kiss you goodbye. I find some comfort in knowing you have no more pain and you are the most beautiful angel in heaven. I know that you were with us this week easing the pain any way you could. Your Daddy, Grandma, & Aunty Jack were by my side everyday this week, and, for lack of better words, put up with all my shit. I know I was hard to be around as I struggled with the guilt, fears, flashbacks, and my PTSD.

I knew this week was going to be hard and I knew I was going to struggle. I knew I needed something to distract me and give my mind a rest. About a week before I made a little Facebook post. I asked our friends and family to participate in a small act of kindness in memory of you. The reaction to that little Facebook post was nothing short of incredible. My Facebook page was bombarded with people requesting some of your kindness cards. Some asked me to mail, some asked me to email, and some asked me to deliver. We had over 65 requests for cards, and handed out well over 250 cards. Mama even had to create a second card that we could email out to people as I had ordered the original ones online! I honestly never expected the reaction that we got to this little idea.

This week, on some of my hardest days, I got to sit back and watch the support and Act’s of Kindness pour in. Daddy and I received flowers from Nana and His work. We watched people give out candies, coffees, donuts, and flowers. We saw people leave paid parking passes, make donations, and buy others a meal. We have been absolutely amazed by the way our communities pulled together and spread some kindness all in your name. We honest to goodness saw people do act’s of kindness and give out your card all over Canada. There were many cards given out right here in Swift Current, some in Loon Lake & Shamrock, we sent some to other parts of Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, & New Brunswick. I even had some people in the USA hand out some kindness! Oh – cousin Anika even handed out some kindness in SWEDEN!

This was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a very long time. It was incredible and gave Mama so much Joy and Peace! I feel so blessed to be so supported by our family, friends, and community. All I want in this life is to spread the smiles that you always did to anyone you ever met. I sure got my wish this week! It completely took me by surprise and warmed my heart!

Thank You, Eva Diva, for guiding all these beautiful souls to help Mama & Daddy through this tough week. It was so calming to watch all this happy be passed around! We sure put many smiles on many faces this week. I love you to Heaven and back Sweet Turkey Bird!

Love & Kisses,

Your Mama.


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