January 22, 2019

Dear Eva,

January 22, 2018, we had just gotten back from Grandma and Grandpa’s house the day before. I had noticed a few red spots by your eye and I was nervous. I called Dr. Gali and she asked me to bring you back in for blood work. She was surprised because your platelet count had been at 318,000 just a couple days before. I took you in for blood work that afternoon and we were home cooking supper when I got the call. Eva’s platelets are back at 10,000. Please bring her into the ER and we will admit her and do another course of IVIG. Your Daddy got home from work, we packed up and went back to the hospital. Another IV and another overnight stay. At this point Dr. Gali was in touch with Dr. Stammers in Saskatoon and he said, let’s just run with the IVIG again and see how she does. So we wait.

Again I am so thankful for the hospital staff who treated you like a little queen. I know that every time we were admitted every nurse said to Mommy, “Oh, no, why are you back?” They all gave you so much love and attention and helped Mama tremendously. It was a long night every time we stayed there and they were always so accommodating of our needs.  This time that we were admitted you had your Monkey and everything that you did Monkey did too. You got a sticker, Monkey got a sticker. You got an IV, Monkey got an IV. The nurses loved playing with you and they always took such amazing care of you. I saw one of our nurses a couple months after you passed away and she told me, “I was there with Dr. Jagga and Dr. Gali at her funeral. We loved her too.” That is so true my girl, they all loved you, everyone who ever met you loved you as much as Mommy and Daddy did. You connected with more people in your two years than some people do their whole lives. It’s a beautiful thing. We were so blessed to have so much love surround us.

I’m going to keep this one short. I just really wanted to share the memory of your Monkey’s IV as that picture popped up today in the “One Year Ago” memories. I love you Sweet Girl. More than you’ll ever know.

Love & Kisses,

Your Mama.



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