August 27, 2018

Dear Eva,

I miss you so much, Cutie Pie. Mama did a good thing today. I donated blood for the first time ever today. While you were sick you received so many blood products. At this point I really can’t remember how many infusions exactly but I think it was over 10 including all the IVIG and Platelets you needed. I learned then how important it is to give blood. IVIG infusions take 2000 donations to get enough for one infusion. You my baby needed a lot. It felt so good today to be able in a tiny way give back a little bit. I hope that this becomes a regular thing for your Mama from now on.

I think that today was a big step towards some more healing for me. If I can somehow help one other little kiddo like you I would be so very happy. I was put on this path in life to help others. I can feel it. I’m not 100% sure what that looks like completely yet but this is a start. It made my heart happy and that’s really all that matters. Speaking of helping others, all of our books for RMH came in last week! I cannot wait to set up a weekend to take those to them. They will be so so so very happy! Again, that will make mommy’s heart happy. Giving back really is so important, I find, for my healing journey.

Sweet Baby Girl, I hope you watched down on Mama with pride today. I hope you know that everything I do now and forever is with your memory in mind, to create a legacy for you. You mean the world to Mama and Daddy, you always will. We will always love you, and we will always live for and with you in mind. You changed your Mama and Daddy for the better and you still do every day. You brought so much light to this world in such a short time. I hope that is never forgotten!

Short and Sweet, just like you! I love you Honey!

Love and Kisses,

Your Mama.



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