June 6, 2018

Dear Eva,

Last night you played with Mommy’s phone. I know it was you because the flashlight on my phone shouldn’t just turn on like that. It also shouldn’t just go on to airplane mode like that. You just needed to remind Mommy and Daddy that you were there too! Thank You for that kiddo! We needed it!

Yesterday was a really good day for Mama. I spent the day with Amie, she played all day long with your toys and your puppy. It made my heart so happy. She is so healing for me. She knows it too, I mean you probably told her. She snuggles aunty so hard when I pick her up. Just fills my arms and heart with happy feelings. It felt so amazing to hear little feet on the floor and loud giggles as the puppy chased her around. Stormy was happy to have her too. I found Stormy watching out the window hard after Uncle Richard picked her up and took her home. It was healing for both of us.

Today was a little tougher day, just a lonely day. We are busy making plans for Aunty Rayleen and Uncle Chad’s wedding. You were supposed to be a big part and you’ll be happy to know you still will be! Its hard for Mama to think about these things, doing special things without you will never be easy. We will make it through this season in life, no matter how hard it gets. I know this because your going to guide us through this.

The other day I read a note from another dad that is going through this journey too. “Always remember – God is in this situation, he is up to something and he’s up to something GOOD.” The only way we survive things like this is by having hope and faith. Keep the faith, baby! We will survive this – FOR YOU!

Love and Kisses,

Your Mama.


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